How You Can Benefit from our PSD Templates

  1. More efficiency when updating or designing your site

Although editing a theme template in PSD has its advantages, some designers prefer to work with alternative file types. Working with other file formats, on the other hand, may necessitate an extra step of converting drawings to a PSD file. This extra step may cause the whole procedure to be delayed. While some designers may be able to work with PNG, IDD, or AI files, it is strongly advised that website design be done in PSD since it allows for greater flexibility when revisions are required.


  1. PSD files are easy on the eyes

When changing a PSD theme template, it’s important to keep in mind that such files are layered and well-organized, with folders and layer compositions used to display different pages and states. You can’t help but admire the convenience website design on PSD brings to the table with such structure evident throughout the process.


  1. Faster delivery of work to the customer

For designers, having a PSD file means being able to provide work to customers quickly. The designer could quickly edit the colors of each object, as well as the typeface, textures, and any other accessible element, by opening the PSD file. Other designers prefer altering a theme template on PSD because of this advantage.

When compared to someone who provided a JPG file, however, designers would have to start from scratch because all of the components in a JPG file have already been compacted together. As a result, each piece cannot be changed if necessary, which will take extra time at a time when maintaining your website is already a priority.



Customizing a Flyer Template PSD with Adobe Photoshop

When you open the PSD file in Photoshop, you will find layers well ORGANIZED and

COLOUR CODED which allow you to easily edit the file.

1) Replacing Text on your Psd Templates

First, select the Horizontal Type Tool (Shortcut key “T” on the keyboard)

Find and click on the text you wish to edit and enter the desired text.

While you are editing the text, 2 icons will appear on the top toolbar:

Click to accept changes or cancel or make 3D

You may get a message regarding ‘missing fonts’. This means you do not have the fonts on your

computer. Be sure to install them or use fonts

that are already installed on your machine.

2) Replacing Images on your Psd Templates

Find and click on the layer of the flyer that you want to customize in the Layers Panel

on the right side. In order to add your own image, you can simply drag and drop in the new

image of your choice. Remember to click the Commit button to save all changes.

If your image isn’t quite the right size, you may need to adjust it.

3) Changing Gradient Fill on your Psd Templates

Double click on the coloured square in that layer

Click on the “Gradient” option from the pop-up box

Select the desired presets from the Gradient Editor

Double click on either of the two (2) colour stops (arrows pointing upwards)

Select your desired colours and click “OK” repeatedly

4) Changing the shapes colour on your Psd Templates

Double click on the coloured square part in that layer

Select your desired colour and click OK